Monday, November 29, 2004

rainy days and mondays

wheee lemme guess. we won't have classes AGAIN tomorrow. sa tapat pa lang ng dorm namin, baha na. i don't know if i'll be happy about that or not. if we don't have classes it'll actually be in my favor because i'm still not feeling well. however, i can tolerate sitting and listening to boring lectures naman...


kung wala na naman kaming pasok bukas, almost 1 week na kaming walang pasok!! thursday was the transport strike. friday was when we had TRP; we were supposed to have zoo lec but lo and behold! ma'am co didn't make it to class. maybe she did. but after 30 mins of waiting, umeskapo na kami bago pa sya dumating. hwehehehehe. i'm sorry but rules are rules. then today is a national holiday. then on wednesday the college of medicine will be having its centennial celebration. no classes for us again.

glad? i think not. hello cramming na naman and patong patong na requirements. goodbye movies!!!

pero i guess NOT having classes is still fun eh? hehehe. if only it wouldn't have such dire consequences on our part. :P

Sunday, November 28, 2004

how to tell the monkey is sick


all i want for christmas

because christmas is just around the corner..

1. no. 1 on my list is... A BETTER PHILIPPINES! serioso, no joke at all! dr. cordero is really effective in putting across the essence of what FCH is trying to impart with us. his lectures awakened my pagka-pilipino and opened my eyes to the sad reality that is happening around us. too bad the world is fast becoming a selfish one, kanya kanya na ang mga tao. of course, it's just survival of the fittest in action, but at the expense of others. sa kagustuhang umunlad ng mga pilipino, nararamdaman natin ang brain drain sa ngayon. actually, matagal-tagal na... kaya naman lalo nang nalugmok sa kahirapan ang pilipinas eh. no more bright minds to oil philippines' machinery for development. tsk, how utterly depressing.. kawawa naman tayo. kelan pa tayo uunlad?!

2. a new wallet, preferrably one of those long types. i haven't seen one that i really like. or something that's worth my money. i don't like the plain wallets na. i want color color color!! owkay lang sa tiangge sana, i wish they don't put the fake brand na lang.

3. a pink jacket!! i almost cried (exaj naman, but i was real sad) when my uber favorite pink jacket got ripped. haven't gotten around buying a new one since i end up with no money at all after buying clothes and abubot that i don't really need. prospects: the white and fuschia knitted one from bayo. also the trench-like but short lang that i saw... where?!! sa bayo rin ata.

4. kumot. i only use 2 kumots na pinagpapalit palit ko lang... *sniff sniff* what's so special about my kumots is their one of a kind softness and texture. they're FLANNEL. the only material that could warm me up even if my aircon is turned on to the coldest setting.

5. flats. i enjoy wearing them!! they go well with jeans, skirts or capris. i swear, ukayans have the coolest and cheapest flats on earth!! kaya lang. i really have to search for cleaner ones. punta nga kami ni ge sa ukayan when i get my christmas money for christmas shopping na!

6. clothes and accesories. different colored shirts from atc that cost 90 bucks LANG each. white pants from bayo. cool hide-the-flab blouses from whoops. cheap but asteeeg skirts from sm and robinson's department store. swatch-like watch na kyooot talaga and mura talagaaaa (350 lang, compared naman sa 2000+ from swatch) from the gift factory.

7. delicious food for noche buena and media noche BUT! minus the extra pounds. i love christmas ham. and turkey!! and molo. and pansit malabon!

8. more blessings for my family. thank you god for being so nice to us. :)

that's about it!!

some other kwento...

i'm not so nerdy anymore! bought new contacts earlier. disposable ones. i think they're better than extended wear because they're cheaper (3 pairs for P770), plus, i get to dispose of them monthly so there'll be less protein build up that cause irritation to my dear eyes.

i've also been to the dentist earlier. my new elastics are colored furfol!! :D

hehehe. unexpectedly, i was finally able to watch UPCM men's volleyball play in palarong med, even for a short while. si ge kasi eh, ang aga pumuntang alabang country club. told him to go to our house na lang muna... we ate lunch then i went with him to atc because i had to buy contacts nga. then sa country club na lang ako nagpasundo sa parents ko. nakagala tuloy ako. happy pa. :D

attended my cousin's debut din kanina. gosh, andami kong ginawa today! i wore my skirt that i bought sa ukayan for 50 bucks. i kept telling my cousins and titos, titas that it only cost P50! di sila makapaniwala!!

i want to have a party on my next birthday. a debut!! but dahil di na ako 18, it'll be a "coming of age party" na lang. hehehehehe. god willing. and time willing. :)

*hikab* sleepy. church day tomorrow, i have to wake up early. goodnight cyberworld!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

what the hell am i doing

i should be studying now!!!! i have a zoo lab quiz tomorrow, a lab manual to be submitted and a physics problem set to be submitted also. pero ayan, blog hopping pa ko hahaha!! pano ba naman kasi i drank two glasses of ice cold coffee and now i feel that i'm having palpitations making me kinda jumpy and nervous when i don't have anything to be nervous about. basta, queasy feeling. kaya i stopped studying muna and tried to find answers to the guide q's in the manual but ended up blog hopping and blogging instead. pero okay lang i don't feel pressured (as of now hahaha mamaya i know i'll be panicking na) kasi my classes tomorrow will not start til 1pm. i still have the entire morning to study the slides for zoo lab. tapos baka there's no classes pa bukas because of the transport strike. my dad told me that by 5am tomorrow, tsaka pa lang malalaman if suspended ang classes sa metro manila.

wait lang i'll click the spermiogenesis result muna sa google.

wednesdays are toxic!!! to think that our subjects today are yung mga you could consider "wala lang". but nooo! sts na sabi ng buddies namin is a complete waste of time kasi you do nothing but sit turns out to be the most toxic subject as of now. reporting and that terminal paper plus some other papers that he would like us to submit. IPC pa. how OC naman the doctor. my god, nagqquiz kami! the only relief is FCH. i soooo like dr.cordero. hehehe. witty sense of humor.

my back is hurting again. waaah!

the college of medicine has many activities this coming december. finally, a breather from all that academic stuff!! lots of gastos too.

gotta go na. outie!!

Monday, November 22, 2004

my turn

yayness! 6 happy happy HAPPY months. wahooooo!!

kagabi, well actually kaninang madaling araw, telebabad kami ni ge with our sun sims. hwekekekekek. 2 oras din yon. sulitin sulitin! kainis lang, every 15 minutes napuputol. tapos calling AGAIN is really testing what little patience i have. pero sige go pa rin, kausap ko naman SIYA eh. hehehe. sarap matulog afterwards. my aircon is freezing my butt off but whatthehell. ang warm ng sleep ko. *kilig* :)

Saturday, November 20, 2004

the first onset of REAL classes

haaay. it's such a drag, i'm blogging in an almost week-long basis. thanks to my super high speed internet connection sa dorm (that's uber tainted with sarcasm), i've only gone online for a couple of hours. doing research, whatelse?

hindi ko pa marerealize na simula na talaga ang pasukan kung di pa kami nag-quiz sa zoo lec last tuesday. this is it! eto na talaga. wala ng atrasan. sinundan pa yun ng two quizzes sa physics at reporting sa zoo lec na naman. sabi na nga ba eh. yang maluwag na sked na iyan, pakitang tao lang, hihihi. ang toxic, sobraaaa! lalo na yung sts namin (science, technology and society) which SHOULD BE A WALA LANG COURSE BUT WHAT THE HELL WE GOT A TOXIC TEACHER. we even have a friggin group "terminal paper" (as prof dla put it, he uses big big words! i mean terminal is not really big, i know but he could have said term paper na lang da ba but he's really maarte with his words) that rendered us catatonic. he said that kaya. kaya major laughtrip din sa amin ni ge yung sts. add to that that he always says okaaaay, or kaaaaaay. binilang nga namin. around 5-6 okaaaaaaay/kaaaaaay per minute! wahahaha! sutil.

okay. this is fun. i'll say a bit about our teachers muna.

you know prof dla na. yeah, and dr. co din, our zoo lec instructor. the ms quotation queen. i wanna add something lang. I DON'T GET HER. i think i have to read the book before all those tthings she said would make sense. sorry na lang ako, i don't do advance reading. all those handouts are piling up and i haven't gone through 1/4 of them. oh my oh my.

ma'am borja for physics 52. "gets mo?" she teaches really fast but i'm learning. i'm actually forced to listen to the lectures because we have quiz/zes afterwards. sana lang she doesn't make baby talk to me like what she did last sem, physics 51.1. crap!

dr. nicolas. the dean pala of AS. good teacher but biochem is still chem... oh god oh god help me. the module is color blue din like the org chem. deja vu? shiaaaat. I SIT IN FRONT NA. btw, she's our teacher din pala for natsci 50. molecules to man. how can we get so friggin lucky?! 2 chem subjects in a sem. oh yes sireeee! saya sayaaaa!

prof. jaravata for zoo 30. kewl teacher. we didn't understand and see all those spermatids/spermatocyte/spermatogonia under the microscope kaya she'll be providing us with pictures para ma-pinpoint nya which exactly is which. coolness.

dr. dizon (tama ba?) for ipc, history of medicine. OC teacher. OC doctor. asks too much from us, considering that IPC units is enclosed in parentheses. yebaaa!

dr. cordero for fch (family and community health). like him like him like him! he's very passionate about what he's doing and i hope all doctors are like him.. you know, all those shit about serve the filipino people apply to him. funny pa! super maka-UP. hahaha!

sir baclig (again) for physics 52.1. he's mabait really but he's super sensitive! maingay pa naman ang block namin and he takes it personally na maingay kami.. sheesh. but he's mabait naman eh so okay lang.

there you have it. so if i go crazy over the sem... blame one of them.


ay, may ikukuwento pa ako!!!!!!!!!!! had a crazy experience yesterday! i was hurrying along taft because i was going to meet my groupmates for our report. as in i was walking big long strides kasi we have to go over our report slash presentation pa and we only have 1 hr left. while i was walking...oops! bakit bigla kong na-feel yung concrete? i looked back. i saw the slip-ons that i was wearing. sabi ko sa sarili ko, kahiya naman, naiwan ko yung tsinelas ko... so sinuot ko ulit. and guess what? it's napigtal pala!! oh my god. how utterly embarrassing! i was bending down trying to fix it kahiya talaga!! and i couldn't fix it! i walked dragging my foot kasi nga the tsinelas comes off! i called gerald and told him what happened. hihihi, kumakain pala sya.. he had to leave his food pa just to get to me. he borrowed sandals ni carlos and it was so so big for me. at least i have footwear naman to walk all the way back to the dorm. so there, changed shoes sa dorm. that, to date, is my most embarrassing experience! as in i saw this lady riding a taxi laughing at me! the taxi kasi was naka-stop kasi sa stop light kaya medyo may build-up of traffic sa tapat ko. nakakahiya talagaaaaa! funny rin. :p


ninakaw ko sa blog ni ge kasi i like it talaga. :)

kyoot no? lalo na yung braso ko. that was taken at his birthday party.

i'm off!!

kati kati!!

i really wanna blog as in my fingers are absolutely itching to type something. but i have to go!! later na lang. so to get that itch out i'll just say na i have to go. owki.. later!

the internet sa dorm is just so bagaaaaal what the hell!

Monday, November 15, 2004

ang mga nakalipas na araw

friday, 12 november
so ayun. may birthday party si ge sa bahay nila. casual lang, according to the invitation. pagdating namin sa kanila... tadaaaa! hahaha! mukhang pang formal na debut. kumpleto dekorasyon pa. christmas lights, flower arrangements, etc! hihihi. owkay, the rest of the kwento i'll leave it up to ge. ah basta, nasa hot seat ako non! puro kantyaw ang inabot ko. hwehehehe. i had fun. ;)

dapat don na ko susunduin sa bahay nila ng parents ko kasi didiretso na kaming baguio. kaya lang my dad didn't want to drive sa madaling araw, madilim, okay lang sana if we're familiar with the roads na dadaanan namin. eh hindi... so balik pa ako ng dorm at don naghintay til 4 am! super wasted ako. nagbihis lang and then slept. nevermind kung di na ako naligo. pano ba naman kasi, had tequila. di naman ako sanay. ayun. bagsak.

sabaday, 13 november
we have new ford everest nga pala. hehehe, kaya kami pumunta ng baguio para itesting! hahaha! jowk. anyway, eto pic namin ng pinsan ko and ng bro ko. stop over namin sa may luisita...

we arrived at baguio around lunch time. hanap hanap ng lodging and we ended up don sa tinirhan nila ge when they went to baguio.

tapos we went to burnham park. sakay kami ng boat nung pinsan ko. ang kyoot ng pinsan ko!! hihihi. kamukha ko sya nung baby ako.

then punta kami sa ukay ukay! bought 3 skirts and 1 shoes. total cost: 370 LANG! kasalukuyang nasa laundry bin sila ngayon kasi i bet they're so full of alikabok! nagkasipon kami ng kapatid ko pagkagaling namin sa ukayan. sya naman, he was able to buy a kappa jacket (which i think is orig) for 150 bucks. and nice blue checkered chucks for 600. orig din yun. nice.

sunday, 14 november
happy birthday sa aking pinakagwapong daddy! 47 na pero mukhang 30+ lang. miski may gerald na ako, kayo pa rin ang no.1 lalaki sa buhay ko! naks, enough bola na, hihihi.

san san ba kami pumunta? nagsimba muna kami sa cathedral nila, fully packed! exoj! then balik sa ukayan wala lang, huling tingin. too early though at wala na akong nabili pa, sarado pa yung ibang stalls. tapos sa mines view park. bought lots of pasalubong and took lots of pictures. then punta muna kami good shepherd for their world famous ube jam. kaya lang 2pm pa daw available... so kain muna kami sa barrio fiesta. and i had an expereience there with an igorot man...

hihihi!! ang kapatid ko naman, may experience with the doggies!!

ayan, balik kami good shepherd, just in time for the ube. shet, pagdating don, ang haba ng pila!! 2 hrs kami nakapila just to buy their ube. but it's G-O-O-D!

then punta kaming camp john hay. wala lang don. tingin tingin lang.

most of the time eh nawawala kami. hwehehehe! ilang "pare" na ang napagtanungan namin just to go to a particular destination. pansin ko pa, puro rotunda sa baguio! everytime we pass by one, sasabihin ng pinsan ko, di ba nakapunta na tayo dito? hehehe.

at bigla na akong tinamad magkwento. hehehe.

monday, 15 november
andito na ko sa dorm. balik school na naman. speaking of school, have to research pa for zoo. haaaay. yoko ng zoo namin ngayon, embryology!! nyorkis. di naman masyadong magaling magturo yung teacher. sabog sabog.

Friday, November 12, 2004


last night could have been the happiest day of my life... :) the funny thing is, we didn't even do anything! we just sat, goofed around and talked about everything for hours. i wouldn't have asked for anything more. i'm in a state of utter completeness right now. happy happy happy!!!!!! :D and no, it's not my birthday. feel ko lang na birthday ko rin! hehehe. happy birthday GE!! i love you honey. ;)

so if you see me smiling like bangag for no reason at all, you know why. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

day one

it was only this morning that i hauled all my things back to my dorm. as in HAUL. hahaha! ang bibigat ng mga maleta ko. at andami dami kong dalang kung anu-anong abubot. parang dala ko ang buong bahay namin. well actually, dala ko ang buong kwarto ko! parang ganon.

napagsabihan na naman ako ng mom ko. and my dad too. last night when i was packing all my stuff, she can't stop saying ANG DAMI MONG DAMIIIIT! kainis pa, may dad kept on repeating ANG DAMI MONG DAMIT!!!! ayan tuloy, nagatungan pa yung mom ko at napagsabihan na naman tuloy ako for my excessive shopping for the nth time... i feel bad. very baaaad. from now on, NECESSITIES ONLY! just ONE last purchase. i made my decision to buy THAT (secret! for reasons i cannot disclose) while i was forcing myself to sleep. and no ge, hindi yun regalo sa iyo. harharhar! malalaman mo rin kung ano yun dahil sasabihin ko bukas. at hindi rin yun regalo sa dad ko!! hahahahaha!! SIKWET.

going back... may class dapat ako ng 7-9. PE. bakit naman ako papasok don di ba? so yung 11:30 zoo lec class na lang ang pinasukan ko. FRIGGIN AMAZING. 'ba klase! whew! nag-lecture na agad yung teacher naming ms quotation queen. kept saying all those verses from the bible, quotes by og mandino and others. however, note to self no. 1: SIT IN FRONT and be a dork. hehe, alam nyo naman... new sem resolutions. that manage to get broken as the sem goes by. :p

pagtapos ng zoo kain muna kami ni raldy :) sa go nuts. hehehe. junk na naman. increased MSG intake once again. it follows na i'll be constantly craving for food. na kakagatan or titikman ko lang ng konti... and then donate to gerald. hehehe! note to self no.2: STOP!! baaaad maan! love your body and nourish it with the right vitamins and minerals and nutrients. san naman ako hahanap non? i had sukiyakidon for dinner nga from karate kid which i'm 100% sure is super kaduper saturated with MSG.

where was i? after go nuts we went back to the dorm to fix some stuff and then back to rob again to watch the incredibles! incredibly A-M-U-S-I-N-G watch it watch it watch it!! KATHY!! you missed it! then back to the dorm again. and then WHAM! isang malaking WHAM! wala akong gagawin. manonood sana ako ng dvd kaya lang yung earphones ko nakina ge. tinatamad pa akong bumili ng internet card sa baba (goodbye dsl... tears). kaya i forced myself to sleep! for like 2 hrs i was just lying on my bed with my eyes shut... kaya lang, ayaw talaga!! sanay ako ng may ginagawa sa kwarto na to! 15 mins lang siguro ako nakatulog. nyorkis. pagod tuloy ang feeling ko. finally bought an internet card. so here i am. semi-insomniac for tonight. put me in an asylum if i start reading my ORG CHEM manual out of sheer boredom.

put me to sleeeeep. alas-siyete pa klase ko bukas!!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

ooh la la!

over breakfast my dad said, "punta tayong SM after lunch".

the other sounds faded away... all i can think of was SM? punta tayong SM?!

yeaaaah! semi-shopping haven! you can find lots of cheap stuff sa department store. there's always something WORTHY (and kinda cheap too) to look at.

and ooooh yes! i have money!

but you know what? i end up din NOT buying from the department store. wihihihi.

but then again.. there are still lots of eye candy. ;)

Friday, November 05, 2004


i downloaded closing time by MATCHBOX 20 over limewire.

guess what?

it's by semisonic rin pala! kwenkwenk. isang malaking joke.


i can almost bite anything with my braces!! wahoo! pero carefully lang.

napakawalang kwenta. i'm so scatterbrained right now. must be because i just woke up. at wala namang magandang ikwento ngayon. wala naman masyadong nangyari... nakapag-reg na ko, ayun lang. and get this, 16.5 units LANG! well, PA LANG. wala pa kasing nat sci4 eh.. but i wish we'll be taking nat sci5 instead. nat sci4 is earth: our habitat and 5 is biodiversity. wish ko lang walang mga bato bato sa 4.

ay oo, masaya nga pala kahapon. :D nagkita kami ni ge eh. wehehehehe! at nagkwentuhan ng nagkwentuhan. yun lang. :)


mas masarap gamitin ang broas instead of graham crackers when you make ref cake. try nyo! lasang chiffon cake ang kakalabasan.


just great. for the nth time this morning that friggin phone calls are annoying me. my mom and dad kasi are like window shopping lang for a car yesterday. i think every car dealer they've visited has already called! and i'm the only one at home so i have to answer all their questions.


mamayang hapon na lang, baka may maikwento na ako ulit.

ang wish ko: sana di ako tamaring mag-blog pag may pasok na... waaah!! walang dsl sa dorm!

sheeet. malapit na ang pasukan. sana magaan nga ang sem na 'to. when i look at my form 5 i see all those free time we have. but appearances can be deceiving. baka nga ang dami daming free time pero andami din naman dapat aralin at gawin!

sige na.. sana naman pagbigyan ni lord ang imed na ma-feel kahit papano ang easy easy na college life. last sem before med proper!

which is pretty SCARY actually. but i am excited at the same time.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


the new nokia 6260 *drools*

remembering them

all saints' day or all souls' day wasn't really such an event for our family because we only have a few close relatives who have passed away. although we visit the cemeteries and pray for them, that was it. no nostalgia whatsoever because i didn't know our dead that much. the holidays would only affect me and my brother in the sense that we are more wary of the ghastly elements all around us. thanks to the halloween specials on television.

but all that has changed some 4 years ago. my lolo passed away and was finally relieved of all those pain that he has been having for so long. 3 years after after his death, my lola, his wife, joined him in eternal slumber.

undas had all the more meaning for our family ever since.

i was my lolo's favorite. i was his very first apo, and a girl at that. i grew up in their house because my mom and dad were both working then. my earliest memories of my lolo were of him in his office and a nosey little me on his lap. i would tinker with his typewriter on the desk until all the keys would lock up. hehehe. yep, i was already THAT makulit. :p

during family get togethers, the whole of our family would stay at their house. while my cousins and i play, our mothers and my lola would be in the kitchen preparing yet another feast for lunch. after the sumptuous lunch (now you know where i got those extra pounds, hehehe), our lolo would make us children sleep. all 8 of us would squeeze ourselves in on my lolo and lolo and lola's bed. and then the aircon would start to whir. we would try to sleep while our lolo watched over us, with a belt on hand. if one wouldn't sleep and would instead make kulit on his cousin beside him... WHIP goes the belt. hehehe. being the favorite that i was, i was always spared from the ouchy whips of his belt.

by 4 pm, we would wake up, eat merienda and play some more. at 6 pm, our lolo would call us again to pray our rosary. my lolo and lola are devout catholics so at an early age, my cousins and i were taught how to pray the rosary. after praying the rosary, me and my cousins would state all our intentions. common to all of us was "sana gumaling na po sina lolo at lola".

ever since i could remember, they have been suffering from heart problems and diabetes (which i have probably inherited and could manifest if i don't watch my diet). that's why while i was growing up, i've always wanted to be a doctor, so that i could cure my lolo and lola. as what i've written on the essay for the second screening for intarmed, when asked with the question, why do you want to be a doctor?, i answered exactly just that. but of course, now that i'm all grown up, and my grandparents have already passed away, my concept of "curing" not only encompassed curing my loved ones. i want to help all those people in need.

i only got to know my lola when my lolo has already passed away. by then, she was also paralyzed after a series of strokes. my mother decided that she would be living with us. my mom would always say that her parents had given them everything they needed. now that they are the ones needy, it was time for them to repay their parents.

unfortunately (or fortunately), God had other plans. after a few months of living with us, my lola spent her last day on earth. she died on the same rocking chair that my lolo was also sitting on when he died.

both of them were cremated. it was during their funerals that i cried the hardest in my entire life.

yesterday, we spent all saints' day with our relatives, at my tita's house because my grandparents' urn was kept there. it was just like our family get togethers when they were still alive but the difference now is that they're gone and everybody's grown up. we ate a delicious lunch. instead of sleeping, my cousins and i watched the punisher on dvd. after watching, we ate merienda. then it was time to pray. we prayed the rosary, as a family just how our grandparents taught us. i missed them then because they were not there to see us. that would have made them happy. but i know that they were with us, deep inside our hearts. :)

eternal rest grant unto them, o lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them.
may they rest in peace, amen.