Thursday, April 28, 2005

tatty teddy

Hey ya'll readers of Maan's blog. This is Gerald by the way, Maan's ever so lovable boyfriend-slash-slave. Hehehe, kidding.

I've just put up this new layout, as requested by her. I hope you enjoy this tatty teddy blog theme. She really likes 'em like hell...asss innnn....*she even wants a Tatty Teddy themed wedding!*

Yeah, tatty teddy. :)

Tatty teddies (aka Me-to-You bears) have become an integral part of our relationship ya know. These bears bind us together. Bwahaha, corny.

Even before we got together, Maan gave me this friendship keychain from Humor Post which had two Tatty Teddies holding hands with the text "Friends" on the shirt of one, and "Forever" on the shirt of the other. Hehehe. Nice eh? She gave it to me on our fieldtrip to Subic. (It was very evident that she was the one into me at that time...tssss) hehehe.

Well, time passed by, we became "us," and soon the Friends Forever became too inappropriate for us. So I gave her, on a fieldtrip to Banahaw, another friendship keychain, of the same Tatty Teddies, but now with the text "I-heart-You" and "You-heart-Me" on their shirts.

That's more like it.

And that has been my keychain for my dorm keys for months now. :D

Wala lang. Just wanted to share. :p

Cge, enjoy!

Monday, April 25, 2005

the cdo experience +++

since my neurons are incapable of synapses right now probably due to my utter lack of mental exercise, i can't conjure cohesive paragraphs. when was i able to do that anyway? ;)

the cdo trip was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaatttt!! 12 reasons why!

1. the mere thought of being in mindanao was exhilirating! sabi nga nung nakasama namin sa rafting, most people think it is too dangerous to go to mindanao because of all the terrorism incidents. what can we do? we are just thrill seekers i guess!

Image hosted by
at the cdo tarmac
2. the food was delish. i swear, i don't eat rice until the time i left manila. guess what? i eat rice now for breakfast, lunch and dinner. after eating chicken inato, barbecue, lots of seafood (think:cholesterol) in cdo, sobrang laging hinahanap ng tyan ko ang pagkain. tomorrow i go semi-southbeach na talaga. promise.

3. day 2 in cdo was one helluva of an experience! for the extreme sports fanatics out there, try nyo talaga mag white water rafting. grabe saya every time we ride the rapids and come out of it unhurt. iisipin mo na talaga minsan kakainin ka na ng tubig eh. andami pang side trips along the way. most unforgettable experience: our guide and "expert paddler" took out a snake from a hole on the wall. okay lang sana eh. pero sheeet, inilapit nya sa amin! si gerald was sooo soo red already (he has snake phobia) and abe was going like "mommy!" hahaha! i swear if i wasn't so scared also nakakatawa because the guys were scared shitless. serves us right. tinakot nya kasi kami because we almost capsized when we hit a wall (of rock). snakes are not my friends. onga pala i have another memorable experience: there are times kasi na they allow you to just make paanod sa ripples (small rapids) kasi may suot naman na life jacket. so there, nagpatangay lang kami but i was going too too fast and i got carried away na talaga na mejo malayo. ang lalim talaga ng water i can't feel the bottom. like a crocodile swims there already! imagine being alone in deep cold water with the unknown beneath you. so they had to rescue me! yeah, ang drama i know i love it! sayang hindi na videohan. hahaha. some pics we took:

Image hosted by
at the river bank

Image hosted by
in action!

Image hosted by
tapos na... balik tayo ulit!

4. we went to the beach on day 3. ganda! clear yung water and the sea grass pwede makita. we went canoeing and kayaking. ang layo ng naabot namin that the motor banca has to come tell us pa na "go back! you're way too far!" parang ganon. naki-usi pa kami sa mga nagssnorkel. ang kyut! we saw dory! a blue fish anyway. and a huge purple starfish that looks so kagat-able parang teether ng baby. hehehe.

5. sunburn doesn't hurt so much as long as you enjoyed being under the sun! i was so reddish i was really almost kakulay na nung litson na handa ni gill.

6. i had great company! with me were gerald, my brother tinton, abe, gideon, and our host gillian. imed friends are family! :)

7. we went to 3 malls: sm cdo, limketkai mall and gaisano mall. im such a mall person talaga.

8. got to ride a motorela! a jeepney-slash-tricycle-pero-apat-ang-gulong in one!

Image hosted by

9. dahil sa cdo trip na yan i was able to buy those coveted havaianas!!!

Image hosted by
havaianas hibisco. 835 friggin bucks!

and a new shirt and tan capris too!

10. 3 "bodies of water" ang napaliguan ko: swimming pool, river, dagat! hahahahaha.

11. from way up up high in the sky i saw how beautiful the shores of our country really are. absolutely breathtaking! iba't ibang shades ng blue/bluish green and they sparkle and shimmer.

12. and this completely made my day:

Image hosted by
need i say more?

then it was time to go home...

Image hosted by


today i went to my best friend's handaan sa balian, pangil, laguna. it was the town fiesta. sarap talaga ng libreng food! i saw there some high school classmates. here are some pics i took along the way:

Image hosted by
chubby chubibo kid. wala lang, nakyutan ako sa kanya, nakasabay ko lang sa jeep.

Image hosted by
hangin? yun pala para sa gulong. hahahaha. yung context naman kasi nung sign. laugh trip todo!

one classmate/good friend has a baby na and he's so kyut!!! baby's galore. i have a new baby cousin nga din pala and he's ultra cute also! cute cute babies!! so squeezable!!

Image hosted by
my new baby cousin, luis miguel de castro. he's soooo fat, 8.4 lbs! and maybe he'll get even fatter his mom's a pedia.

ratzinger? he's too old... and his face is not as maamo as john paul II. plus he's ultra conservative. john paul II was conservative but was open to new ideas. i don't like someone radical though. being semi-conservative is good because you have some sort of an anchor which serves as a reality check. mahirap ang walang pinanghahawakan, you have a lot of tendency to go out of hand... maybe ratzinger's a transition pope lang talaga. i think i read on a broadsheet that ratzinger himself said that his papacy wouldn't last long. pero grabe yung legacy that john paul II left. ang taas tuloy ng expectations na kailangang i-meet ni ratzinger. oh well. the catholics have more issues to think of than just one man.

i bake sinful brownies. haaay. i don't like to eat anymore. but they're really chocolate-y delicious!

my phone can't receive text messages. bakit kaya. FYI: gideon told me that different signals are used for sending and receiving text messages. maybe there's a probelm with my receiving signal i dunno.
my favoritest pair of shoes from janylin.
Image hosted by

that's it! and as georgia nicholson (character from a chick lit titled confessions of georgia nicholson) says, TTFN people!

*TTFN - ta ta for now

Monday, April 18, 2005

tsaka na lang ang mga kwento...

pagbalik ko sa friday!! weee!! punta kming cagayan de oro. kasama ko yung kapatid ko, si ge, abe, and gideon. kila gil kami titira! :D

bukas na ang alis namin. till then!

PS. may havaianas na rin ako foinally. :)

Friday, April 08, 2005

the chosen few

NOTE: the following post was my comm 3 speech. i recently found out from my classmate JM that it has been published in at first i was baffled why it was there when i haven't submitted it to anyone, except broadcast it out loud during my speech in class. i remembered later on that i submitted it to the said site to gain access to their other papers for some other reason which i totally forgot.

SOME OTHER NOTE: it's totally an informal speech, that's why you'll be seeing some hehehe's and a lot of !!!... :p

Forty students brought together not by chance nor by fate but by their brains. These forty students come from different regions of the Philippines but they are similar in one thing: they are willing to embark upon the long and arduous journey through medicine, choosing the path not for the cowardly and faint-hearted. They choose INTARMED.

INTARMED is an acronym for Integrated Liberal Arts Medicine, a seven-year medical course at the University of the Philippines. What sets the INTARMED class from other freshman classes is that they are comprised of the top 100 students who took the UPCAT. And because the INTARMED class is special, they are often misunderstood. I am here in front of you to relate the sentiments of one INTARMED student, ME.

I always wanted to be an INTARMED student. Back in high school, when it was the time of the year when UPCAT results were posted, I remember that I admired those who qualified for the INTARMED program. I told myself “I have to be INTARMED”. And so, when it was time for me to take the UPCAT, I gave my best shot in the exam and crossed my fingers that all my efforts would be enough to clinch me a spot in the INTARMED program. Fortunately, all my efforts paid off and I was delighted to find out that indeed, I got myself a spot in the program. But of course, it would not be THAT easy. I still have to pass a second screening, which is an interview. During the course of the interview, that was the exact moment when doubts about joining the INTARMED program started bothering me. The interviewers’ questions were quite unsettling, actually. They were asking me if ever I got in a state of depression, got much problems back in high school, and all that serious hullabaloo. I told myself then, “whoa, is this what it is suppose to be like in Med? Am I going to be depressed?” Hmmm… I was just about to find out. Weeks later, I got a notice that I passed the interview. Am I ready to be an INTARMED student? Do I have what it takes?

Before classes started, I began asking around my high school acquaintances what it was like to be an INTARMED student. Based from their stories, I quickly concluded that INTARMED student is synonymous to NERD. Who wouldn’t be a nerd if you fast track and compound 4 years of pre-med subjects in just two years? Even more so is the fact that these subjects are not at all easy. Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology… and all other subjects that make my head hurt just by imagining them. But the INTARMED class, being special, still manages to ALWAYS get high grades in their exams. That was what my acquaintances told me. Eeeewww! Nerds. Again I was doubtful of my capabilities… Am I cut for this? Am I willing to subject myself to seven years of pure academic torture? Another thing that bothered me was that I might be “alone” in our class. Sure, I have schoolmates who got accepted in the program too, but we weren’t that close back then. So you see, I was every bit dubious about entering college, add to that the fact that I will be with the INTARMED class…

The first day of classes I remember was a haze, trying to remember everyone’s names, smiling here, making small talk there. I thought to myself that we, my classmates and I, are going to be stuck for seven or more years, I might as well befriend them. The first few days were generally easy, no academic requirements yet. So far so good. But everything good has to come to an end because it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. First, there was the very long reading assignment in History II. And when I mean long, I mean a hundred pages or more long! Then assignments in Comm were added, reports in Philo were due, problem sets were to be passed, departmental exams on the other day… Before we know it, we were already swamped with work! But the funny thing is, I realized that I enjoyed doing those stuff. Not in the academic sense but because all the academic requirements had indirectly brought us all together, especially Block 16. Of course, after all the toxicity, we, normal human beings need to detoxify right? So what do INTARMED people do? Contrary to popular belief, INTARMED students have social lives. We watch movies. Sometimes twice in a week, or even thrice! Some would even go to Malate to dance all their worries and depressions away. Also, during breaks in between subjects, we don’t usually review for the next subject, unless it’s Chem. What we normally do is play. Children’s games, nonsense games, and pusoy dos (which I just learned how to play) or whatever other card game. My point is, yes, we do study, but not ALWAYS! Another misconception about us is that we always get high grades in every exam. That’s why other students from other courses are afraid to be our classmates. Thank God it didn’t happen to this class. Anyway, we don’t just breeze through every subject and pass it with flying colors. Just like every other student, we have our down times… especially in Math, Chem, and even Comm. In fact, I think I failed in several quizzes in Chem.

Choosing the INTARMED way of life is not easy, it is really seven years of pure academic torture. I might go nuts just thinking about it. What I do is just think about the pros of being an INTARMED student. In every way, I am challenged to give my best in every endeavor I take, because to whom much is given, much is expected. Another plus of being an INTARMED student is that when I get to graduate, I’d still be young. I can still get married!!! Hehehe! Most of all, the best thing in being an INTARMED student is that I gained a support group, my newfound friends who would encourage me all throughout the difficulties of med school.

Being an INTARMED student is a great privilege. However, with great privilege comes greater responsibility. In the process of being responsible and concerned about our studies, the INTARMED students as a class has bonded and created friendships that would last a lifetime.

The INTARMED class is often misjudged and misunderstood. In light of what I just related, I hope that other students will change their perception of us as dorks and “not humans”. We are just like everyone else in college, struggling--and yes we do struggle--in order to achieve that nearby goal.

**yeah, this is some kind of an intarmed-ender too. for the 2 well spent imed years that were exhilirating and at the same time tiring with little bits of spices in between. kaya ilalagay ko itong pic na ito:

Image hosted by

god, i'll miss being 40.

a promise to myself

i want to go backpacking across some country whose places i can't even pronounce and be one with the richness of culture around me.

someday, i'll go around the world. someday.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

it's hot in herrrrrre

whew. it's so burningly hot that i can't do anything but just stay in front of the electric fan and sleep. katamad mag gym! lalo pa kong iintin don. tsktsktsk.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

broke broke broke

i am flat broke. as in ZERO! after spending the whole day with gerald and kathy, my money went from 700 to 0. even coins, zero.

okay lang, i'm happy. no, change that. i'm satisfied. :D

after their physical exam at PGH, we decided to go to greenhills. we ate at little asia (god, the food is grrrrreaaaat!! sulit naman), then went around the tiangge and the shops. i wasn't supposed to buy anything until i saw the carrie-ish shoes in janylin. and when i looked at the price.... tadaaa! 795. not bad for an ultra nice pair of shoes. buti na lang i have my kuskos with me (read: credit card) kaya i was able to buy it. of course, i asked permission from my mom first. happiness. shoes are a girl's best friend. :)

after that, kathy and i just followed (amused!! ahahaha!) gerald as he went in most of the shops, fitting shirts and board shorts. buti na lang ganon ang boyfriend ko, mahilig din mag-shopping. i don't need to have a queer friend to tag along with me anymore! hehehe.

after the tiresome shopscapade we were craving for some halo-halo. kaya lang walang chowking sa grenhills eh. we ended up at ice monster and scooped up calories into our mouths. omg i really am so full. then we made kwento and then it was time to go home.

we drove kathy to podium and she bought us ice cream! sarap talaga ng libre. thanks kathy, you're the best! i'm super fat na talaga, pramis. ugh.

then ge drove me home in sta. rosa (btw, he also fetched me so we're both flat broke!). after eating dinner, we watched american idol. favorite namin si anwar, wala lang. for me, i like vonzell sa girls. fashion-wise si nadia. ehehehehehehehehe. i love her outfits. and her outrageous hair. :D

so ayun, umalis si ge around 930. and now i'm waiting for his text that he was able to arrive home safely. :)

snippets (random thoughts that i couldn't put into cohesive paragraphs)
1. our dvd plyer is broken!!! ugh.
2. my feet are size 7. :)
3. i saw havaianas kanina!! they're priced at P835 a pair but i bought the shoes instead. hehehe
4. i'll start controlling my carb intake tomorrow. hello gluconeogenesis, lipolysis, glycogenolysis and ketogenesis!!
5. i'd like to see drew barrymore's new movie, fever pitch.

i'm really tired and sleepy. buhbye!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


may kinabukasan pa naman pala ako kung sakaling tamarin akong magtapos ng medisina...

Image hosted by
nyahahahahaha! masarap yan, pramis. hindi nakakahiyang ibigay sa kapitbahay. kaya nga nag-bake pa ulit ako ng DALAWA kanina eh. yung isa, para sa mga pinsan ko, yung isa, para sa amin at sa kapitbahay. hangyabang ko! :D

Monday, April 04, 2005


makiling escapade
i had so much fun at makiling! we (ge, and another classmate--tina) stayed at the Philippine High School for the Arts for three days. i didn't expect that i would be having so much fun with kids who have cancer. the camp was physically tiring and emotionally tiring as well because most of the activities were group discussions and getting to know each other. i was hit with the realization of how shallow my depressions were and how much i've been taking my wonderful life for granted. my depressions and sama ng loob are incomparable to what those kids went through. if there's anyone who has a right to complain, it's them. but i truly admire them because given the situation that they are in, they actually do not complain. in fact, they even seem to have come to terms with what's happening to them. cancer is a terrible, terrible disease.

on a lighter note, we three volunteers got to know one kid well. she's 8 years old and her name is nica. ang bibo, sobra! at kikay pa! in fact, she won the kikay of the year award. she kept asking me questions about me and gerald, hahaha! she saw kasi that we have the same ring. she even asked if gerald was married! and she told me one little secret. actually, it's more of a secret question. hehehe.

god i hope to see all those kids next year, given the chance to participate in the camp again!

queer eye for the pinoy guy
yes kathy, i sooper love gay people as well! have you guys seen the queer eye episode where they "made-over" the pinoy guy? grabe, they redecorated his house, arranged his wedding reception, gave him clothes, kikay stuff, and even dressed up his wife as well! todo! exaj. the pinoy guy was obviously sooooooooooooo in love with his wife. tears... i'm proud of our men! :)

i just came back from the gym. at first, the trainor let me on the treadmill for 30 mins. chicken lang yun sa akin because i am actually sanay of walking back and forth from school to my dorm, to the mall, and of course, the best walking exercise of all--shopping! but hey! after the treadmill came the weights. now i am so NOT used to lifting things up, kaya nga i'm flabby and all. i'm sure my body would be SCREAMING tomorrow when i wake up.

1 million calories=1 slice of cake
i just baked the most delicious chiffon-boiled icing cake ever! but it's really packed with sugar as iiiin. who's counting the ATPs? :p

sayang i have a pic. but i can't put here kasi i'm using the pc, hassle magtransfer ng pic from my phone. it looks really nice! like it's from goldilcks kaya nga lang mejo natagtag sa byahe, hehehe. but i swear it's pretty!! with pinkypinky icing and a little bit of blue.

me me me!
1. my greatest contenment: love. i'd die happy knowing that there is someone beside me.
2. i love surprises!
3. i can watch jerry maguire for a gazillion times and not get bored with it.
4. latest craving: havaianas! they're not food, they're slippers. :)
5. i can play the chords G, A7 and C on the electric guitar and i'm proud of it.
6. my greatest fear is getting pregnant.

pope john paul II
may he rest in peace. im am no devout catholic but the thought of our generation losing a great man and the goodness that he epitomizes saddens me.

boost your confidence level
by learning something new. i read it from my mom's good housekeeping magazine. i couldn't agree more.

i'm off!

Friday, April 01, 2005

i kissed boredom goodbye

the past week was just uneventful for me. too uneventful perhaps. doing nothing absolutely kills me! exaj naman yon. i'm not yet suicidal. but it depressed me to the point that i'm super quiet (which is way out of my character) and my parents worry about me.

i don't know why i'm like that... maybe because:

1. i'm used to doing two or three things at the same time (during school)
2. i'm so used to having gerald around and i miss him terribly
3. my dad's not here and the house seems so quiet without his ka-cornihan and kalokohan
4. i'm just too pissed why the unfortunate circumstances wouldn't allow me to have fun in boracay, or anywhere else for that matter

and so i moped and moped and moped and grumbled and bitched at my brother (which i think he deserves because he kept on annoying me!!!) i think i bit. and growled. and roared. monster mode-ON.


anyway, i'm glad it's over. after some "therapy", hehehehe, i realized that i have more worth than what i was feeling. i am not a bitchy person. i'm not ugly (yes i felt ugly because i was too tamad to comb and my lips were cracking). i am not mentally stagnating! and the worst: my cynicism blinded me. i felt unloved, unappreciated when in fact i have lots of people who care for me.

nobody can help me. well, except me.

yesterday, my mom finally asked me why i'm so quiet. i told her i was bored. immediately she told me that we would inquire aboout some lessons that i could take over the summer. see. i have all the love and support i can get. :)

several activities came into my mind including: volleyball clinic, badminton clinic, swimming, baking lessons, foreign laguage lessons (yes i can't get enough of studying! =p), piano lessons, art lessons, going to the gym. of course i couldn't do everything i want! after asking around... tadaaa! my summer plans:

april 1-3: kythe foundation's summer camp
a summer camp for kids who have cancer. ge invited me. we're off to national high school for the arts in makiling, laguna later. kaya i better sleep na. :)

electric guitar lessons! basta, 12 sessions, 2 hours per session. no definite date yet... ASAP basta. omg i'm gonna be a rocker chick! hehehe. :D

apr 18-24: art lessons (oil pastel)
apr 25-30 : art lessons (cartooning)
supposedly, the art lessons were for 6-12 year olds only. and i'm like 7 or more years older than them! kahit pa. hehehe. okay lang. :)

dates in between: the gym, going out with gerald, going out with my barkada, going to lb, etc.

for may... i dunno. i'm still thinking. baking lessons siguro. kasi by then, i have "funding" na. hehehe. or maybe formal driving lessons. but i can drive well na eh, i think. i just don't know why my mom holds on to her seat too tightly! ahahahahahaha!

i have many things to look forward to. happiness. i actually have something to do.