Friday, May 13, 2005

10 things i hate about you

bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, wag magagalit! opinyon ko lang ang mga ito.

1. LIARS. i don't usually lie. so i expect the people around me to NOT lie to me. are we clear on that? good.

2. PRANK TEXTERS. especially those who send "missent messages", and then after a while would bug you for your asl. before you know it, he's courting you already. thru text. can this guy please get a life?

anOooother bOrrin dAe fO mE.. hMmm iM hUrR in lAgUna aGAin.. wAs sUppOse tA enrOll fOE mah suMmer cLass bUt gOt huRr pUrDy lAte sO iMa dO iT tOmOrrow.. dAng,, iM aLL alOne huRr n mAh dOrm.. crEepie! Awww,, aNd i miSs mAh gUrLfweNDs thOu i Wuz juS wit thEm tS aFtanOon.. hMmm wtf iM suPpose tA wRitE hUurrRr?! iOno M juS bOred.. lOlz! aNd i miSs dA pEoplE in caLi ANd mAh "eX".. aWww,, thAts hElla fUcked uP! bUt M oVer hiM.. i thinK.. AnywEissSs,, wAs jUs tAlkin tO rOlan onLine.. hEes sUch a swEet gUy.. i lOve talkin tAH hiM.. cUz HE kEeps it rEaL aNd i Like tHAt.. wUt eLSe? oH weRE pLannin tAh kiCk it at LiBiS.. wUs pLAnnin TAh sHow hiM hOw dOwn tHEm bitChes tHEre aRe.. lOlz! mOre lAPdAnce aND griNDin... wUtz bEttA thAn tHAt?! aNd sEein Em hOt lADiEs dO tHEir thinGy iSh jUs tHe sHit.. HAhhaha! OMG,, bEin bi ish fUn.. bUt oF coUrse i stiLL dIg eM gUys mOre.. =P wUt eLSe?! mOnDAy's tHE stArt oF cLasSes.. bOOrin>>>>... sOOo tHAts t.. aint gOt nything mOre tA sAy.. lAtaZzz...

i just can't understand why they make typing hard for themselves. and it sounds so friggin jologs sa totoo lang ha. if you want to get a good laugh and an instant nigga fix, just Y!M me (shiminytimbers) for the url of the blog where i got that *points upward*. yes people, she blogs!

4. FLOODERS. sa friendster lalo. ang lakas magpapansin.

5. taba ng isda. it just tastes so oily and fishy and puke worthy and jelly-o ugh ugh ugh.

6. dirty bathrooms. i wouldn't take a bath in a dirty bathroom. nung nasa baguio kami, the bathroom was dirty and i didn't take a bath for two days. konting hugas hugas/hilamos lang. good thing it was cold up there. ;)

7. stupidity. my own stupidity. admitting a (minor) mistake is hard for me. but not if i'm blatantly wrong.

8. hip-hop. they're all about sex. i find them uncreative and monotonous.

9. a burst bubble. i get too excited over things and when they go against me, i have a mild bout of depression.

10. flying ipis. a crawling ipis may look harmless. but when it flies... my screams can reach 10,000 decibels.

- ang tagal kong pinag-isipan 'to. donald trump speaks like owen wilson. you're fired!

- i was actually sorry for anthony when i saw him go. he looks so... hopeful. next outie: i think it's gonna be vonzell. sa kanilang tatlo, mukhang sya ang may pinakamaunting suporters eh. sayang, i really like her pa naman. next ai: bo. they just can't stop screamin for him!

- if you're a conspiracy aficionado, try clive cussler's novels. same genre as sidney sheldon, dan brown, michael crichton. some stories are far-fetched but nothing beats a good conspiracy theory especially when boredom hits. the plot is enough to keep the pages turning.

- i can't sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. gotta try now. out!

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