Wednesday, May 04, 2005


The show that got me hooked every Wednesday and Thursday afternoons... Here's my lowdown on the five idols left. Anwar! You are sorely missed.

Anthony - The second most that I hate. Before I didn't like him at ALL. But after hearing that he's the same age as me, I dunno, something about that similarity called out to me. Today's performance sucked. BIG TIME. Even Paula who always says the nicest things have said otherwise. Buti na lang he got his glasses back on the first song, he's cuter with them you know. Or maybe I'm just attracted to intellectuals. Sorry sa mga fans ni Anthony.

Scott - I hate hate hate him. Hindi gumana ang "average joe" effax nya sa akin. Ang angas kasi eh! Di pa magaling kumanta. He should have been voted out episodes ago. I mean Anwar and Constantine's way better than him, right? I'm in deep mourning over Anwar's loss. :(

Vonzell - My IT girl. She's my favorite. Among the five left, her vocals are the best. In my unprofessional (biased! Hahaha) ears, she has not hit a sablay note yet. But there's something lacking in today's performance. Ohmygod I hope she doesn't get voted out! Go go go vonzell! I'll go ballsiticsimus if she gets voted out before Scott. I super hate him obvious ba. Oops, sorry din to his fans, if he's got any. :p

Bo - Yo Bo!! You rock!! If not Vonzell, it's him. He's not competing, he's actually just there to enjoy. He has the coolest jeans and I love the hippie look he's got goin on. Mas gwapo nga lang si Constantine. But truly, Bo rocks!

Carrie - There's just something about her that I don't like. Maybe her voice sounds too country-ish and I'm not a greatest fan of that genre (except when it's Jewel. See I'm biased talaga.) And what was she thinking when she gets her hair all curled up and teased at the same time?! Nope, it's not Barbie meets the Stepford Wives. Heck, Nicole Kidman wouldn't look even an inch like THAT if her hair's all curled up! *shudder* Carrie looks like she just hopped out of the electric chair. She resembles Reese Witherspoon though.

So who gets voted out next? Please please please please let it be Scott! But Anthony is truly in danger after getting not so goo reviews. Shiyet, get Scott voted ouuuuttt!

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