Monday, May 09, 2005

yummy food fix

If there's such a thing as "legacy" being passed on from one family to the next, ours would be food. As i grew up, my mornings were spent waking up with my senses in full alert as the rich aroma of food being cooked and the distinguishable clatter of utensils greeted me. The smell of ginisa perforated the air so much that i can almost taste it in my tongue. There's warm and delicious food at the table every time, that's why weight is always such an obstacle for me. :p

There's this Filipino adage that goes, "Ang masarap magluto ay masarap din kumain". True enough, my family are voracious eaters! i didn't realize how much we're eating until the time we had a small family of five (not our relatives) visit us in our house. In true pinoy hospitality, my mom prepared a sumptuous lunch for our guests. What she prepared was the amount of food that our family of four would normally consume. After they ate, my mom asked me to help her clear the table and I almost laughed out loud when i saw their many left-overs. Then it hit me: Baka talagang malakas lang kami kumain. This observation was validated the next day as i watched my brother wolf down three pieces of chicken while the boy (our guest), almost the same age as he was, ate only one. When my brother got the chance, he whispered to me, "Tinga ko lang yon." Hahahahahaha.

Being the food lovers that we are, we are also food crtics. The greatest disappointment every time we go out is when the food is not excellent, or when it is priced too much when in fact my mom could have whipped up the same entree with less gastos. mas masarap pa. ;)

I love food so much that it's a must that my boyfriend should be an eater too. Buti na lang si ge (and his family too) is such a hearty eater! :D Even my brother's girlfriend's family are eaters too.

Guess being THIN is such a far-fetched dream huh? :)

Now that i'm dieting (read: no rice, but chocolates cannot possibly be taken out in my system!), all i can think about are my favorite food. Weeks of deprivation can make me matakaw once again when school starts. In effect, all those dieting always come to waste. If only the happiness that comes with being able to wear everything you want isn't so satisfying, i wouldn't deprive myself of the one (many, actually) thing (with an S, to be gramatically correct) i like:

HOME FAVORITES: beef caldereta, pocherong tagalog, chicken sopas, beef with broccoli

SALAD: Caesar WITH RANCH DRESSING (the dressing is a must!) - Chef d'Angelo

PASTA: Spaghetti with rich meat sauce - Chef d'Angelo, Chicken Mushroom Linguine and Spaghetti with Italian round sausage - Delifrance

PIZZA: Chicken Bechamel - Carlo's Pizza

MAIN ENTREES: Lengua - Dulcinea or Mario's Kitchen, Salsa Verde (it's fish fillet with white creamy sauce) and Chicken wrap (chicken with carrot stick and cheese inside, parang chicken roulade) - The Pit

ICE CREAM: anything strawberry, Caramelo con Pastillas - Fruits in Ice Cream (gerald introduced me to this) and black cherry gelato - Pagliacci (Kathy introduced me to this. i 100% agree with her, it's orgasmic!)

CAKES, AND THE LIKE: lemon-chiffon-boiled icing cake - baked by yours truly :), Chocolate cake1 - Figaro (again, frome ge), chocolate cake2 - mer-nel's (the best chocolate cake in los banos!), strawberry shortcake - gloria jean's, waffles (any flavor) - starbucks, strawberry silvanas - house of silvanas

BREADS: chouquette - delifrance, anything from BREAD TALK (they have the yummiest! my mom bought like 15 different flavors kanina)

CHOCOLATES: white mostly: toblerone, alpine white (sadly, they're out of the market already), snickers, m&m's (ge gave me these the day na sinagot ko sya. uuuuuy!), kisses, twix, cadbury dream, cadbury fruit and nut, maltesers

ETC ETC ETC: halo-halo - chowking and Razon's, bbq - jo's bbq (the best, promise! @ market!market!), ilocos chichacorn, palm corned beef, feel good soups from knorr, mashed potato - popeye's, popcorn with drizzeled butter - tater's at ATC, shawarma, seneca caramel apple chips, authentic singaporean chilli crab

MUST TRY RESTAURANTS/FASTFOOD: Jollibee, Carlo's Pizza, Josephine (Tagaytay, buffet), Dad's/Kamayan/Saisaki (for the ULTIMATE sulit buffet), Pho-Bac, Go nuts Donuts, Delifrance, Bread Talk, Little Asia, Superbowl, Pancit ng taga-Malabon, many other more actually. hahaha.

the list is making me hungry. stop maan stop. before you forget that you're not supposed to eat dinner anymore.

P.S i envy those people who eat and eat and not gain an ounce of fat

P.P.S totally unrelated. i bought my second pair of havaianas today. thanks mommy!

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