Sunday, November 28, 2004

all i want for christmas

because christmas is just around the corner..

1. no. 1 on my list is... A BETTER PHILIPPINES! serioso, no joke at all! dr. cordero is really effective in putting across the essence of what FCH is trying to impart with us. his lectures awakened my pagka-pilipino and opened my eyes to the sad reality that is happening around us. too bad the world is fast becoming a selfish one, kanya kanya na ang mga tao. of course, it's just survival of the fittest in action, but at the expense of others. sa kagustuhang umunlad ng mga pilipino, nararamdaman natin ang brain drain sa ngayon. actually, matagal-tagal na... kaya naman lalo nang nalugmok sa kahirapan ang pilipinas eh. no more bright minds to oil philippines' machinery for development. tsk, how utterly depressing.. kawawa naman tayo. kelan pa tayo uunlad?!

2. a new wallet, preferrably one of those long types. i haven't seen one that i really like. or something that's worth my money. i don't like the plain wallets na. i want color color color!! owkay lang sa tiangge sana, i wish they don't put the fake brand na lang.

3. a pink jacket!! i almost cried (exaj naman, but i was real sad) when my uber favorite pink jacket got ripped. haven't gotten around buying a new one since i end up with no money at all after buying clothes and abubot that i don't really need. prospects: the white and fuschia knitted one from bayo. also the trench-like but short lang that i saw... where?!! sa bayo rin ata.

4. kumot. i only use 2 kumots na pinagpapalit palit ko lang... *sniff sniff* what's so special about my kumots is their one of a kind softness and texture. they're FLANNEL. the only material that could warm me up even if my aircon is turned on to the coldest setting.

5. flats. i enjoy wearing them!! they go well with jeans, skirts or capris. i swear, ukayans have the coolest and cheapest flats on earth!! kaya lang. i really have to search for cleaner ones. punta nga kami ni ge sa ukayan when i get my christmas money for christmas shopping na!

6. clothes and accesories. different colored shirts from atc that cost 90 bucks LANG each. white pants from bayo. cool hide-the-flab blouses from whoops. cheap but asteeeg skirts from sm and robinson's department store. swatch-like watch na kyooot talaga and mura talagaaaa (350 lang, compared naman sa 2000+ from swatch) from the gift factory.

7. delicious food for noche buena and media noche BUT! minus the extra pounds. i love christmas ham. and turkey!! and molo. and pansit malabon!

8. more blessings for my family. thank you god for being so nice to us. :)

that's about it!!

some other kwento...

i'm not so nerdy anymore! bought new contacts earlier. disposable ones. i think they're better than extended wear because they're cheaper (3 pairs for P770), plus, i get to dispose of them monthly so there'll be less protein build up that cause irritation to my dear eyes.

i've also been to the dentist earlier. my new elastics are colored furfol!! :D

hehehe. unexpectedly, i was finally able to watch UPCM men's volleyball play in palarong med, even for a short while. si ge kasi eh, ang aga pumuntang alabang country club. told him to go to our house na lang muna... we ate lunch then i went with him to atc because i had to buy contacts nga. then sa country club na lang ako nagpasundo sa parents ko. nakagala tuloy ako. happy pa. :D

attended my cousin's debut din kanina. gosh, andami kong ginawa today! i wore my skirt that i bought sa ukayan for 50 bucks. i kept telling my cousins and titos, titas that it only cost P50! di sila makapaniwala!!

i want to have a party on my next birthday. a debut!! but dahil di na ako 18, it'll be a "coming of age party" na lang. hehehehehe. god willing. and time willing. :)

*hikab* sleepy. church day tomorrow, i have to wake up early. goodnight cyberworld!!


jraymags said...

Naks! For a better Philippines! Astig talaga siguro ang prof n'yo kasi napabilib niya pa kayo na may pag-asa ang Pilipinas sa kabila ng mga nararanasan natin ngayon...

Christmas shopping na!!!


rald said...

akala ko naman magiging seryoso yung mga gusto mo for christmas. bwahaha! after reading number one, i thought u were going to enumerate "immaterial wishes". :D but no, ang number two ay WALLET. yes. hehehe...

inggit ka sa birthday ko no? wahahahaha! joke lang. tama...may escort ka na naman e, so u don't hav to worry about that. mwahahaha! i've had too much practice on being an escort for a debutant, or in ur case, a coming of age girl. hwekhwek. U'll be twenty by then, geesh...ako din, after 2 months, 20 na din ako nun...nyaiii...tanders!