Monday, November 29, 2004

rainy days and mondays

wheee lemme guess. we won't have classes AGAIN tomorrow. sa tapat pa lang ng dorm namin, baha na. i don't know if i'll be happy about that or not. if we don't have classes it'll actually be in my favor because i'm still not feeling well. however, i can tolerate sitting and listening to boring lectures naman...


kung wala na naman kaming pasok bukas, almost 1 week na kaming walang pasok!! thursday was the transport strike. friday was when we had TRP; we were supposed to have zoo lec but lo and behold! ma'am co didn't make it to class. maybe she did. but after 30 mins of waiting, umeskapo na kami bago pa sya dumating. hwehehehehe. i'm sorry but rules are rules. then today is a national holiday. then on wednesday the college of medicine will be having its centennial celebration. no classes for us again.

glad? i think not. hello cramming na naman and patong patong na requirements. goodbye movies!!!

pero i guess NOT having classes is still fun eh? hehehe. if only it wouldn't have such dire consequences on our part. :P

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Anonymous said...

Nyehehe, buti pa kayo haba ng walang pasok, ako meron pa. Anyway hanggang next week nalang naman, so 1 buwan ang Christmas/Winter/Term break ko. Hehe