Wednesday, November 24, 2004

what the hell am i doing

i should be studying now!!!! i have a zoo lab quiz tomorrow, a lab manual to be submitted and a physics problem set to be submitted also. pero ayan, blog hopping pa ko hahaha!! pano ba naman kasi i drank two glasses of ice cold coffee and now i feel that i'm having palpitations making me kinda jumpy and nervous when i don't have anything to be nervous about. basta, queasy feeling. kaya i stopped studying muna and tried to find answers to the guide q's in the manual but ended up blog hopping and blogging instead. pero okay lang i don't feel pressured (as of now hahaha mamaya i know i'll be panicking na) kasi my classes tomorrow will not start til 1pm. i still have the entire morning to study the slides for zoo lab. tapos baka there's no classes pa bukas because of the transport strike. my dad told me that by 5am tomorrow, tsaka pa lang malalaman if suspended ang classes sa metro manila.

wait lang i'll click the spermiogenesis result muna sa google.

wednesdays are toxic!!! to think that our subjects today are yung mga you could consider "wala lang". but nooo! sts na sabi ng buddies namin is a complete waste of time kasi you do nothing but sit turns out to be the most toxic subject as of now. reporting and that terminal paper plus some other papers that he would like us to submit. IPC pa. how OC naman the doctor. my god, nagqquiz kami! the only relief is FCH. i soooo like dr.cordero. hehehe. witty sense of humor.

my back is hurting again. waaah!

the college of medicine has many activities this coming december. finally, a breather from all that academic stuff!! lots of gastos too.

gotta go na. outie!!

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