Saturday, December 04, 2004

my not so distant past(s)

for as long as i could remember, i was the mushiest person i know. growing up, i read all sorts of happily-ever after fairy tales, the kinds of cinderella, sleeping beauty, and a whole bunch more. i was a dreamy kid, conjuring up images of my own prince charming, coming to sweep me off away from the horrors of uhhhm, academic load. :) (yeah, ever since elem i was THAT busy)

ex no. 1
my love life started in grade 6. would you call him my boyfriend? i think not. it was a sheer immature "relationship". he was the typical bad boy... always getting red marks on his card, sweaty everyday because of too much basketball, always called in the guidance counselor's office due to some fight... he was that kind of person. maybe what drew me to him was the "ka-astigan" of being with him. i needed that to get rid of the dorky image that comes with being no.1 in class and the president of the student council. i really thought that it was love, however. :D my first kilig moment was when i was with him. it was our school fair and at canossa, we would have rides installed in our grounds. for that year, we had a caterpillar ride. and so we rode together in one car. i held on to my seat because i get dizzy with fast (and even not so fast) rides. but then his fingers crept slowly to mine until they were just barely touching... those were the good ol' innocent days. that pseudo-holding hands thing completely made my day, i remember. i went to sleep holding the hand of winnie the pooh, the stuffed toy he gave me, imagining that it was his hand holding mine. see, told ya how mushy i am. hahaha! anyway, we parted ways when i transferred to rural. where is he now? i don't know... the last time i heard from him was in 3rd year HS. he was still in canossa but he repeated a year because he failed many subjects miserably. poor guy. hope he's changed now.

ex no. 2
the next guy i was with was my first serious boyfriend. he was the exact opposite of ex no. 1. he was a jack-of-all-trades: being the no.1 in our batch, a skilled basketball/volleyball player, crush ng bayan, a great leader and so much more... he was idolized by everybody. the perfect catch, ika nga. our time together was a test to how much i could sacrifice in a relationship. at first, everything was just perfect. being the "and they lived happily ever after" person that i was, i really thought that it could be him. however we were physically separated when he went to japan as an exchange student. first there were emails every week, a few handwritten letters, a few phone calls. as the year passed by, our communication almost dwindled to nothing. i was having the time of my life at school, but he was not there to share it with me. we just got emotionally distant that by the time he was back, i was a completely different person, and so was he. we tried holding on to the relationship until the first few months of college but it didn't really work out. we called it quits and separated as friends. i still see him once in a while whenever i chance upon him in diliman. funny how life goes on, one moment my life revolved around him, but now, he is just a guy that i once knew...

exes 1 and 2 are not merely numbers that would inflate my ego that yeah, i had my own share of admirers. :) they contributed a lot to my understanding of boys (uhmmm, men) in general, and of loving young.

*wag magseselos, gerald! wihihihi! jowk lang. ;)


jraymags said...

Natawa ako rin sa huli mong hirit! hehehehe!!! Naku pow baka magselos sayo niyan boypren mo...

Carlo said...

luckily, my girlfriend and i are both firsts on each other's list of "people we treated as more-than-friends" kaya cguro napakamushy ko ngayon, knowing that I'm the first (hopefully the only...^_^) one. and yeah, guys like me & jayr can even be mushier than anyone would think...tama bako jayr?