Wednesday, December 29, 2004

stuck in a rut

enter quasi-depression mode. i've been going nowhere in the past few days. not literally though. every other day, my family and i go out. i'm just feeling unaccomplished lately. i haven't done anything for my personal growth. reel from the shock and actually believe that maan de castro starts talking about personal growth. hahaha.

i've been wanting to change THIS layout for one. i have a concept already but it just wouldn't fully materialize. hay nako.

i said that i'd get to watch all the film festival entries. but i haven't even seen one movie. my family's too tamad to go watch movies.

ever since the vacation started, i've planned to study our lessons in preparation for toxicity galore. i've done nothing but schedule and line up all those that i have to study. i've only read like 5 pages of developmental biology and never even bothered with the other subjects. lagot ka maan!

i've accomplished two things though: baking a LOT of cookies (choco chip, white choco chip, macaroons--the best!, snickerdoodles and crinkles) and finishing she's come undone (whatta nice book!). there. seeing that in writing (typing) made me smile. :)

i can't wait for classes to start. some kind of loser i am. nyahahaha. :p

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