Wednesday, April 06, 2005

broke broke broke

i am flat broke. as in ZERO! after spending the whole day with gerald and kathy, my money went from 700 to 0. even coins, zero.

okay lang, i'm happy. no, change that. i'm satisfied. :D

after their physical exam at PGH, we decided to go to greenhills. we ate at little asia (god, the food is grrrrreaaaat!! sulit naman), then went around the tiangge and the shops. i wasn't supposed to buy anything until i saw the carrie-ish shoes in janylin. and when i looked at the price.... tadaaa! 795. not bad for an ultra nice pair of shoes. buti na lang i have my kuskos with me (read: credit card) kaya i was able to buy it. of course, i asked permission from my mom first. happiness. shoes are a girl's best friend. :)

after that, kathy and i just followed (amused!! ahahaha!) gerald as he went in most of the shops, fitting shirts and board shorts. buti na lang ganon ang boyfriend ko, mahilig din mag-shopping. i don't need to have a queer friend to tag along with me anymore! hehehe.

after the tiresome shopscapade we were craving for some halo-halo. kaya lang walang chowking sa grenhills eh. we ended up at ice monster and scooped up calories into our mouths. omg i really am so full. then we made kwento and then it was time to go home.

we drove kathy to podium and she bought us ice cream! sarap talaga ng libre. thanks kathy, you're the best! i'm super fat na talaga, pramis. ugh.

then ge drove me home in sta. rosa (btw, he also fetched me so we're both flat broke!). after eating dinner, we watched american idol. favorite namin si anwar, wala lang. for me, i like vonzell sa girls. fashion-wise si nadia. ehehehehehehehehe. i love her outfits. and her outrageous hair. :D

so ayun, umalis si ge around 930. and now i'm waiting for his text that he was able to arrive home safely. :)

snippets (random thoughts that i couldn't put into cohesive paragraphs)
1. our dvd plyer is broken!!! ugh.
2. my feet are size 7. :)
3. i saw havaianas kanina!! they're priced at P835 a pair but i bought the shoes instead. hehehe
4. i'll start controlling my carb intake tomorrow. hello gluconeogenesis, lipolysis, glycogenolysis and ketogenesis!!
5. i'd like to see drew barrymore's new movie, fever pitch.

i'm really tired and sleepy. buhbye!

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