Monday, April 04, 2005


makiling escapade
i had so much fun at makiling! we (ge, and another classmate--tina) stayed at the Philippine High School for the Arts for three days. i didn't expect that i would be having so much fun with kids who have cancer. the camp was physically tiring and emotionally tiring as well because most of the activities were group discussions and getting to know each other. i was hit with the realization of how shallow my depressions were and how much i've been taking my wonderful life for granted. my depressions and sama ng loob are incomparable to what those kids went through. if there's anyone who has a right to complain, it's them. but i truly admire them because given the situation that they are in, they actually do not complain. in fact, they even seem to have come to terms with what's happening to them. cancer is a terrible, terrible disease.

on a lighter note, we three volunteers got to know one kid well. she's 8 years old and her name is nica. ang bibo, sobra! at kikay pa! in fact, she won the kikay of the year award. she kept asking me questions about me and gerald, hahaha! she saw kasi that we have the same ring. she even asked if gerald was married! and she told me one little secret. actually, it's more of a secret question. hehehe.

god i hope to see all those kids next year, given the chance to participate in the camp again!

queer eye for the pinoy guy
yes kathy, i sooper love gay people as well! have you guys seen the queer eye episode where they "made-over" the pinoy guy? grabe, they redecorated his house, arranged his wedding reception, gave him clothes, kikay stuff, and even dressed up his wife as well! todo! exaj. the pinoy guy was obviously sooooooooooooo in love with his wife. tears... i'm proud of our men! :)

i just came back from the gym. at first, the trainor let me on the treadmill for 30 mins. chicken lang yun sa akin because i am actually sanay of walking back and forth from school to my dorm, to the mall, and of course, the best walking exercise of all--shopping! but hey! after the treadmill came the weights. now i am so NOT used to lifting things up, kaya nga i'm flabby and all. i'm sure my body would be SCREAMING tomorrow when i wake up.

1 million calories=1 slice of cake
i just baked the most delicious chiffon-boiled icing cake ever! but it's really packed with sugar as iiiin. who's counting the ATPs? :p

sayang i have a pic. but i can't put here kasi i'm using the pc, hassle magtransfer ng pic from my phone. it looks really nice! like it's from goldilcks kaya nga lang mejo natagtag sa byahe, hehehe. but i swear it's pretty!! with pinkypinky icing and a little bit of blue.

me me me!
1. my greatest contenment: love. i'd die happy knowing that there is someone beside me.
2. i love surprises!
3. i can watch jerry maguire for a gazillion times and not get bored with it.
4. latest craving: havaianas! they're not food, they're slippers. :)
5. i can play the chords G, A7 and C on the electric guitar and i'm proud of it.
6. my greatest fear is getting pregnant.

pope john paul II
may he rest in peace. im am no devout catholic but the thought of our generation losing a great man and the goodness that he epitomizes saddens me.

boost your confidence level
by learning something new. i read it from my mom's good housekeeping magazine. i couldn't agree more.

i'm off!


HanAgiRL said...

welcome back! haven't seen you in awhile ah. so muck kwentos here. have a great week! :)

rald said...

hwoah, dami nun a. :p

handyfemme said...

Ha? Nakain ka ng tsinelas? Pampatalino ba yan? Wehehe.

rmacapobre said...

qaf.. i saw that episode. it was also evident that the guys thought filipinoes are cute .. ^_^