Thursday, April 28, 2005

tatty teddy

Hey ya'll readers of Maan's blog. This is Gerald by the way, Maan's ever so lovable boyfriend-slash-slave. Hehehe, kidding.

I've just put up this new layout, as requested by her. I hope you enjoy this tatty teddy blog theme. She really likes 'em like hell...asss innnn....*she even wants a Tatty Teddy themed wedding!*

Yeah, tatty teddy. :)

Tatty teddies (aka Me-to-You bears) have become an integral part of our relationship ya know. These bears bind us together. Bwahaha, corny.

Even before we got together, Maan gave me this friendship keychain from Humor Post which had two Tatty Teddies holding hands with the text "Friends" on the shirt of one, and "Forever" on the shirt of the other. Hehehe. Nice eh? She gave it to me on our fieldtrip to Subic. (It was very evident that she was the one into me at that time...tssss) hehehe.

Well, time passed by, we became "us," and soon the Friends Forever became too inappropriate for us. So I gave her, on a fieldtrip to Banahaw, another friendship keychain, of the same Tatty Teddies, but now with the text "I-heart-You" and "You-heart-Me" on their shirts.

That's more like it.

And that has been my keychain for my dorm keys for months now. :D

Wala lang. Just wanted to share. :p

Cge, enjoy!

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