Tuesday, October 26, 2004

a fascination for words, et. al :)

hahaha! while i was reading ge's recent post, my curiosity was aroused by the term technosexual. i was wondering why exactly that sexual has to be its suffix?!? is it related to sexuality, the sexes or the sex organs? apparently it is. technosexual is a term applicaple to males. nyarf.

so there, while i was "googling" :) technosexual i stumbled upon a site about words! hehehe. my dorkiness kicks up again. this site,
The Word Spy should have sprung up on me way way before when i was still in korea. that was the time when i first got acquainted with the word ennui (ang nice no?) and i was obssessed in finding my other favorite words for a while. unfortunately, the hunt for "my other favorite words" was futile (i'm using futile kasi i like it but not enough to go into "my other favorite words") and it continues until now... now that i have all the time to do just that. :) so if you're feeling just as dorky as me, just click on the link.


as scheduled, my mom and i went to the optha earlier this morning. my doctor was one cool guy, ya know, the type that makes me go "haaaay... gusto ko na talagang maging doctor" and makes me remember that going through the harshness of medical studies is like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

anyway, he told me i had papillary conjunctivitis brought about by chronic use of contact lenses. i've been wearing them for what? 4 years now and i know that i haven't been a responsible wearer. read: i tend to leave them on when i doze to la la land. so when he checked my eyelids, he saw some bumps (inflammation). however, this is just normal for people who wear contact lenses. what's alarming is that i have LARGE bumps on my left eye. he told me not to wear contact lenses for three weeks and prescribed me some light steroid-based eyedrops. kaya nga i'll be living up to the imed title: dork, geek or whathaveyou. hahahaha. glasses plus braces? a dorkifying experience. *shiver* :) hahaha! but it's okay, a change of look nonetheless. hehehe! tapos i'll wear all those preppy outfits of mine pa no? hihihihihihi.


i bought some nice jeans while we were waiting for my doctor. wala lang. f&h and kamiseta are my must-go to shops when i'm shopping for jeans and capris. they are hiyang for my size. :)

for tops? there's my best friend the tiangge. the ones at atc are the best, and i guess sa shopesville din. i don't go there often kasi, too far from our house. so i make do with the ones at atc. for special occasions (like when i have money talaga) i go to kamiseta or bayo. the clothes in kamiseta are more of the frilly-girly style while those in bayo are kinda laidback, ya know, girl-nextdoor type. love the bayo tees!

why am i doing this? i love talking about clothes. :)

it's so funny actually. no matter what the store is, i buy what i like if i have the money. oo nga pala. hahaha!

the body shop. another one of my favorites! ...if i have money. but they're on sale right now. right? or tapos na?

and then there's the department store... :)


i go to healthway in atc, and festival mall. kaya there's always one little side trip for me... erm, for us! shopping is contagious. my mom is my recent recruit in the i love shopping club. ;)


but from now on, I'M SAVING UP. PERIOD.

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