Thursday, October 28, 2004

sorry avril fans...

ms. lavigne looks like an anorexic skunk in her video nobody's home.

wala lang. i remembered it just now. i saw the video while i was on the bus earlier this day. ooops. that was yesterday na pala. as of now, it's 12:59 am and i can't seem to get enough of blogging.

i have a 9 am appointment with my dentist tomo... oops i did it again (nyahahaha!! imagine britney's song playing in the background, korny ba?) TODAY. i should be sleeping already! naaaah. i'm used to lack of sleep. the length of time i sleep during my afternoon siesta (3-4 hrs) is usually the only sleep that i get when we're so intoxicated (as
gerald would put it. go see his blog now!! click it, baby!!).

*hikab* kaya nga lang i'm not used to it na. what, after being an absolute couch potato (a better term naman than pig di ba?) for the past 3 weeks.

that should be all for today.

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