Tuesday, October 19, 2004

i forget

i'm so sad.. it's because of that friggin' movie, the notebook. yeah, ive read it but still... i wanna cry!! i mean my number one fear right now is that i'm going to have alzheimer's or dementia. boohoo. i'm such a sentimental person pa naman. i want to remember EVERYTHING as in ALL, LAHAT!! that has happened to me. most especially those little things that we tend to overlook.. but if it did not happen then that exact moment is altogether different, you know what i mean? things like the exact message prof yao texted me when i passed the chem finals, when we were asked to wear kids' party hats on my birthday, the time when our whole sweaty huffy-puffy toxic supra tired block (as in the 20 of us) made siksik at the dorm to study the cat and henry was telling me that i remind him of his mom and yeah, the sound of a printer crashing to the floor ;). now how am i gonna capture all that?! much as i don't want to, i keep forgetting things always. see? i'm going to have alzheimer's. i'm sure. maybe i should go into neuro and stop those brain cells from deteriorating (if that's what's happening..).

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