Monday, October 18, 2004

a few fyi's

fyi no.1. if you want the ultimate jollibee chickenjoy experience (read: gallons upon gallons of their delicious gravilicious graaaaavy) minus the CHICKENjoy (huh?) try mang tomas gravy. graveeeh!! tastes just like jollibee! and very cheap as well. maybe they should get me as an endorser or something. :)

fyi no.2. my ziggy's finally super kaduper ay-ohwkhay! and tip i got from the geniuses who configured my lan connection: use avg instead of norton (actually my dad said it first). why? it's free, it updates automatically (especially for those people who are so tamad to update their anti-virus like yours truly), you just have to dl it, install, click some and it's done! tadaaa! :) i'm gonna be a great endorser no?

fyi no.3. i was browsing Read Magazine (the free ones they give at powerbooks) and there was this column entitled "you know you're a reader if...". these are all that apply to me. i honestly find this interesting!! :)

...dropping by the bookstore is not just a habit--it's a necessity, the way dropping by the grocery or gas station is routine >>yeah, absolutely!! aside from drooling at all those orange highlighters (i have a fetish for them), i always check the shelves for the newest books. something i'll let my mom buy me because i don't have money. ;) drop by the bookstore "on your way out" of the mall, blahblahblah. >>well actually let me just tweak this a bit. on my way IN. hehehe. if you're familiar with rob ermita then you'll know why. have books in closets, beneath the bed, in the cupboards, in the bathroom, in the hallway and even on the floor in every corner... >>exactly the case in our house. i have edgar allan poe watching me poop in the toilet. can read two or three books at a time. >>i was reading 4 books at a time dati. sex and the city by candace bushnell, the poisonwood bible by barbara kingsolver, the english patient by michael ondaatje and she's come undone by wally lamb. know how to read in a car, ina bank queue, and how to read while walking. >>no wonder i have poor eyesight! also the reading-while-walking ability comes in handy whenever i forget to study for my 7am class. can't bear to part with any of your paperbacks, since they're arranged on the shelves by genre and by author. >>i used to do this particular arrangement on my shelves. however, i was too lazy to put the books in their proper places kaya ayun, halo halo na silang lahat. and most of my books are nasa hiraman anyways.

... you know which was better, the movie or the book, and it's usually the book. >>right :)

fyi no. 4. look at what virginia woolf said: "fiction is like a spider's web, attached ever so lightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners". amazing how she can think of an analogy between fiction and a web. haaaay, such a deep thinker. i would never be able to think of that!! i bet she can find an analogy between a carabao's poop and the hmmmm... the circle of willis (and i'd just like to insert fyi no. 5. here: the circle of willis is a vascular structure in the brain). nyahahahaha!!!

fyi no.6. i used to wash pringles before because i find it too salty.

fyi no.7. i'm a pirated dvd junkie. hihihi. sorry!! :D my newest ones include saved, sky captain and the world of tomorrow, chocolat and the notebook (btw, i've read this na).

fyi no.8. i'm currently reading "blessed are the cheesemakers" by sarah-kate lynch. it's about life coupled with making the perfect cheese. the cover's nice! there's a cow in the background and a girl wearing a pink dress in front. i love my book!

oh there, i have to go. i find those chocolates in the dining room simply irresistible :)

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