Wednesday, October 20, 2004

wish upon a star

you know what i want to do? just get out of region 4. even sta. rosa. haaay. i'm gettin bored at home. nothing much to do here except the internet, watch a lot of pirated dvd's, will and grace on tv and read more books. boredom's killing me! i swear, by the end of the break my butt's going to be so lapaaaad from all that sitting. and my eyes are going to get even more labo than before.

was supposed to go to baguio actually. but nooooo... my parents didn't allow me to go. magastos, because i'm getting braces din. yeah. because of one lone friggin canine my teeth look kwadrado. nyaaar. but if i sum up all those things i've been buying for the past few days, i bet it would have been much cheaper if they allowed me to go to baguio. bought shirts, jogging pants, books and lots of pa-beauty stuff. nyahaha. i really want to go out!! will somebody get me out of here, pleeease? even if for a day?!

my mom went out and she has my cellphone with her. craaap. how could i have forgotten it in her bag? i have some friends pa naman coming over they may be texting me and i don't have my phone! bahala na.

i've been the official driver this morning. now i want a car!! i want a second hand one so hindi masyadong nakakahinayang if i crash it in a post or something. but i can feel in my bones that i'm goin to be one terrific driver. no kidding. :p

antok na ko... ZzzZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZ

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